Will Take Hatred Out And Turn It Into Love: Rahul Gandhi’s

Here are the top 10 quotes of Rahul Gandhi

“I have not an iota of hatred or hard feelings against you. You hate me, I maybe ”Pappu” for you. But I love you and respect you because I am the Congress”

“You may think, I have a lot of hatred for the BJP and PM Modi. But the truth is I am grateful to them. The BJP, the RSS and the PM Modi helped me understand what it means to be with the Congress, what it means to be an Indian, what it means to be a Hindu and a Shiv Bhakt”

“I will take this hatred out of you and turn it into love. You can abuse me, you can call me Pappu, but I don’t have a speck of hatred against you”

“We are okay to lose power, be out of power. But they simply cannot afford to lose power. Because the moment they lose power, other processes will start against them. And their fear turns to anger and that anger is transmitted across India.

“For the first time in history, India is unable to safeguard its women. Never ever has India enjoyed such reputation in history before. There are atrocities against women, minorities, Dalits. ”

“People are being beaten, PM Modi doesn’t say a word. Are Dalits, minorities and women not Indians? Don’t they belong to India?

“The political weapon is called the jumla strike. The symptoms are a great sense of happiness, a feeling shock and then 8-hour-long speeches”

“Who are victims of the jumla strike? The kisans, the youngsters, the Dalits and the tribals of the country”

“Jumla No. 2: Two crore jobs to youths every year. Rs. 15 lakh in every person’s bank account”

“Jumla No. 1: China gives 50,000 jobs to youths in 24 hours. You give 400 jobs to youths in 24 hours. This is how hollow your promises are.

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