Message from President

RAJ_BABBAR_JIIndia’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru made India an Industrialized Country. India witnessed its social and economic strengthening through Smt. Indira Gandhi’s renowned endeavours like “Garibi Hatao” by Green Revolution and Nationalisation of Banks, along with well known 20 Points Programme. Under the leadership of Rajiv Gandhi, there was, empowerment of youth by giving them voting rights at the age of 18 years, empowerment of rural India through Panchayati Raj and IT and Telecom Revolution has taken place.
Post–liberalization, when there was tremendous growth in IT and ITes sector in different regions of India, then Uttar Pradesh during the same period instead of emerging as an IT hub was busy into cast and communal politics, thus witnessing closure of companies, mills, projects established by Congress during almost 40 years of their governance. Organizations such as UPTRON, Scooter India Ltd., Malvika Steel Plant several power projects, numerous Sugar Mills, majority of Katai Mills, most of the UPICA handloom outlets etc. that were once the face of shining Uttar Pradesh, are either have already been shutdown or on the verge of closure. Almost 18 districts like Aligarh for locks, Kanpur for leather, to name a few that emerged as the Sub-Economic hubs of Uttar Pradesh during Congress regime are also on the verge of closure in absence of infrastructure. More than 700 SMEs are closed. These resulted in high unemployment, migration of our youth and brought Uttar Pradesh from top five ranking then to bottom five now.
Congress is the only party having vision of inclusive and balanced development with the aim to defend the secular foundation of our nation.
During the last decade, AICC President Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh and Vice President AICC Shri. Rahul Gandhi, with their able leadership have addressed the basic needs of common citizens of India and provided.

  • Tools to Fight Corruption-
  • 1. Right to Information (RTI Act)
    2. Lokpal

  • Right to Education (RTE)
  • Right to Work (MANREGA)
  • Right to Food
  • AADHAAR- (Subsidy direct in account)

Uttar Pradesh is bubbling with youth energy, wherein 65% of our population are below 35 year of age. If this demographic advantage is handled well then it can again bring Uttar Pradesh to top five states.
With growing internet uses especially by our youth and its easy accessibility to everyone irrespective of being based anywhere, we are glad to introduce Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee Website with the intent to get your suggestions which would be of immense value to us and will be helpful for us to plan way forward to make Uttar Pradesh a better place to live.