“Mumkin Hai”: Priyanka Gandhi Attacks Government Over Jobs, Economy

Congress’s Priyanka Gandhi Vadra today launched a sharp attack on the BJP-led government at the Centre, accusing it of not caring for the people and their sentiments. “I urge you all to stand united against this government. If we don’t, then that time is not far when Babasaheb’s Constitution will be destroyed by this government,” she told the crowd at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan, where the party is holding the Bharat Bachao (Save India) rally.
“Today, after six years of BJP government, instead of employment, jobs are being lost. Traders face losses due to GST, farmers suffer…. Businesses are shutting down,” she said.

Then in a parody of the BJP’s “Modi hai toh mumkin hai” (With Modi, possibilities abound) slogan, she said, “BJP hai, toh crores of jobs being lost – Mumkin hai… BJP hai toh the suffering of millions of farmers – Mumkin hai. BJP hai toh humaare state-run companies ki bikri – Mumkin hai.

“We see ‘Modi hai to mumkin hai’ everywhere. Truth is, with rhe BJP, onion price rise ‘mumkin hai’; with BJP, highest unemployment rate in 45 years ‘mumkin hai’; with BJP, destruction of 4 crore jobs ‘mumkin hai’ ”

The mega rally — in which the party’s top leaders, including Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi are participating — comes in the backdrop of the opposition’s attack of the government on a range of issues, including the state of the economy, the amended Citizenship Act, farmers’ distress and jobs.

Announcing the rally yesterday, Rahul Gandhi said the party would protest against what he termed “the dictatorship of the BJP government” and over the economy “that has been sent to the ICU”…