Congress team visits Farrukhabad: Yogi government trying to turn state into rogi, says Raj Babbar

05.09.2017, Farrukhabad

STATE CONGRESS president Raj Babbar on Tuesday accused the Yogi Adityanath government of converting the entire state into “rogi” (patient). Babbar was part of a delegation of Congress leaders which visited Ram Manohar Lohia Female Hospital in Farrukhabad, where 49 children had died between July 21 to August 20, allegedly due to oxygen deprivation. The delegation, which included Rajya Sabha MPs Sanjay Sinh and Pramod Tiwari, also met two families, which have lost their children. “Yeh Yogi sarkar purey pradesh ko rogi banane mein lagi hui hai (This Yogi government is trying to turn the whole state into a patient),” Babbar said, alleging that instead of visiting these families, the chief minister is busy attending an event of RSS in Mathura…