BJP stole Congress’ schemes, but it does not know how to implement them, says Raj Babbar

Meerut: Remembering Indira Gandhi on her 100th birth anniversary celebrations, senior Congress leaders on Wednesday launched a scathing attack on BJP and RSS in Meerut, one of the ten cities in UP where the party is highlighting the achievements of the former Prime Minister.
Prominent Congress leaders, including Mohsina Kidwai, Nagma, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Pramod Tiwari, PL Punia and Raj Babbar, arrived here and talked about Indira Gandhi’s ‘many achievements’ ranging from freeing East Pakistan in 1971 to nationalizing banks.
Raj Babbar, Congress’ UP state president, said, “They (BJP) stole all our developmental schemes, renamed them, but unfortunately do not know how to implement them. The result is in front of us. They only know how to fool the people. Today, they are glorifying Sardar Patel, but are not telling people that it was Patel who sought a ban on RSS. These people are entering the schools and universities of our children to promote their ideology and only Congress can counter them.”
Comparing Indira with Modi, Congress’ Rajya Sabha member Pramod Tiwari said, “Today we have leaders who snatch money from the pockets of the poor and deposit the same into banks. Whereas, Indira Gandhi was a leader who nationalized banks and opened the financial sector for the poor. Let me tell you, no matter what propaganda these people spread about lack of development in over past six decades, the reality is that India’s development story is incomplete without the story of Congress. No wonder, Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj in her recent speech while attacking Pakistan at the UN, ended up saying that at a time when Pakistan was nurturing terrorists, India was erecting AIMS and IIMs. Ask yourself, who made these premier institutions? Congress.”
Accusing BJP of divisive politics, Tiwari said, “The Modi government has adopted a divide and rule strategy.”