“BJP Afraid Of Truth…”: Priyanka Gandhi’s Attack Over Farmer Suicides

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Sunday accused the government of “tampering with” and “suppressing” a report on farmer suicides.
She also tagged a media report which claimed that several changes have been made in the latest NCRB report on farmer suicides and for the first time, a list of state-wise figures was not given.

“Why are the BJP government people so afraid of the truth? Farmers are continuously committing suicide under the BJP government’s rule,” Priyanka Gandhi claimed in a tweet.

“Instead of solving the problems of the farmers, the BJP government considered it more appropriate to tamper with and suppress the report on farmer suicides,” the Congress general secretary said.

She asked the government to give the right price to the farmers, give them facilities, and give them respect.

Do not render the farmers helpless, strengthen them, she said…